A Brother Knight Serving Brother Knights and Their Families


How will my family get along if I pass away unexpectedly?

How does life insurance work?

How can I maximize my retirement funds?

The Knights of Columbus was founded specifically to serve the needs of Catholic families by helping them with these kinds of questions.

The K of C is much more than just life insurance. And it's my job to show you all that the Knights can do to make a bright future for you and your family not just possible, but CERTAIN!

My job, every field agent's job actually, is to keep all of my members up to date on their fraternal and/or insurance benefits. Also, it is my responsibility to help each Council spread the word about all the awesome benefits of membership in the Knights of Columbus.

I'm a fully licensed and highly trained insurance professional. I'm a member of The Knights of Columbus Supreme Knights Club, The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors(NAIFA), and the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

I work only for the Knights of Columbus and exclusively serve the needs of my brother Knights and their families.

But my most important job, the one Father McGivney hired me to do, is to come to the aid of the widows and orphans of a deceased member. I am morally and ethically bound to visit those families in their time of greatest need and assist them in any way I can.

The Million Dollar Round Table

represents the TOP 1% of Financial Professionals worldwide.     

Supreme Knights Club

A honor reserved for Knights of Columbus Field Agents who achieve the highest standards each year. Its membership represents approximately the top 10% of all Field Agents worldwide.

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Professionals.